I think I’m clever.
But people don’t agree.

Hello there, my name is in a folded card and I’m a young woman who enjoys doing and –especially– planning to do so many things. I like collecting ideas, and… during the first days of my period, I usually get very creative that I have plenty of my own useless, sometimes tasteless, original ideas. I plan to post all of them here.

Oh, and I write my own recipes as well! If you’re an adventurous eater, I’m serving you. 😀

And oh, I do poems! They’re like drugs.

And I like taking challenges — only challenges I like though…

More about the blogger…

  1. From a country in Asia, but not Asian.
  2. Eats hot meals, with lots of chili. Drinks cold.
  3. Loves traveling, but rarely travels.
  4. Boots make her drool.
  5. Cries over patriotic scenes in baseball movies.
  6. Listens to classics, reads classics, watches sci-fi.
  7. Speaks Klingon. Well, just a little…

Okay, too little…………


Okay, I don’t speak Klingon.


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